Tipsy Tuesday – vs.

Last Tuesday we talked about beginning your family research, and the importance of being hands-on in the beginning. If you missed that post you can click here to read it. Today, we are going to talk about two of the largest genealogical databases on the web, and the pros and cons of both sites. ANCESTRY.COMContinue reading “Tipsy Tuesday – vs.”

Family Friday – James Hudson Shoults

James Hudson Shoults was born on 04 April, 1849, in Missouri. His parents were George Shoults and his third wife, Lucinda. James was born in Jefferson County, Missouri in 1849, the 6th child of George and 4th child of Lucinda. The Shoults family removed from Jefferson County to Cistern, Texas around 1860. The 1870 FayetteContinue reading “Family Friday – James Hudson Shoults”

The Importance of Land Records in Genealogical Research

 The value of the information found in land records to a genealogist is immeasurable. I have had many people tell me they do not bother with searching land records in their research. They do not believe there is any valuable information to be obtained from these documents, therefore they limit themselves and their research byContinue reading “The Importance of Land Records in Genealogical Research”