The New Oklahoma Food Freedom Act of 2021

As far as cottage food laws go by state, it is widely known that Oklahoma ranked as one of the worst states. The restrictions were numerous and it made making profit difficult with all the rules and regulations. The new Food Freedom Act of 2021 that was unanimously approved has changed all that, making Oklahoma’sContinue reading “The New Oklahoma Food Freedom Act of 2021”

Cherokee Bill – An Outlaw’s Story

It has been a while since I last posted anything, and people have began to ask what’s going on. Well, here is my pet project right now. I am working on a book about outlaws in the twin territories and I just finished my chapter on Crawford “Cherokee Bill” Goldsby. I find his story veryContinue reading “Cherokee Bill – An Outlaw’s Story”

Traveling Thursday – Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Welcome to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the home of the Capitol of the Cherokee Nation, Northeastern State University, and Tenkiller Lake. Tahlequah is a college town and a tourist destination. Imbedded in the Ozark Mountains, this small town is surrounded by nature’s beauty and warm, friendly people. HISTORY Tahlequah was established as the Capitol of the CherokeeContinue reading “Traveling Thursday – Tahlequah, Oklahoma”