Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Seven

“Dorcus is married to the son of the man that killed Elsie?” “Yes, they married last year but you mustn’t say that Doctor Henderson killed Elsie. After all, he was cleared by the courts.” “I’m convinced that was a cover up. He knew something that people didn’t want to get out so they arranged forContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Seven”

Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Five

“Miss Patty what do you mean? How can I put Elsie’s ghost to rest?” “Her murderers are still free and as long as they go unpunished for what happened to my Elsie she will never rest in peace.” “Yesterday when I brought up the subject of my sister’s death you couldn’t even look me inContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Five”

Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Four

Ella held her breath as she waited for Johnny to reply. She hoped he would help her and didn’t think her theory was too far fetched. She believed with every ounce of her being that Elsie and her sister’s death are somehow related. “Ok Ella, I can see that this is important to you soContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Four”

Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Three

CHAPTER TWO Ella closed the journal. She wondered what happened to Elsie? She knew she had died a few months before Anna but she never really questioned what had happened. Could that have something to do with Anna’s death? It seemed far fetched but she needed to look into it. Forgetting that she had anContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Three”

Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Two

CHAPTER ONE It was dark by the time she disembarked from the train. She stretched the kinks out of her shoulders as she gathered up her bags and began the long walk to her old home. It may have been ten years but it felt just like yesterday that she had walked these very streetsContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Two”

Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter One

For Mystery Monday I decided to share with you a chapter of my book, Mineral Creek. Each Monday I will post a new chapter for you to enjoy. If the waiting is too hard then click here to visit my book on Amazon. She was all alone. As dirt slowly covered the last of herContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter One”