My Books

Mineral Creek

It’s been ten years since the death of her sister and Ella Mattox was ready to find some answers. Why did her family pack up and move away the minute her sister’s funeral was over and why did her sister’s headstone have a mysterious inscription engraved on it? Had she stumbled upon something that was meant to be kept quiet? What secrets does the small Oklahoma town of Mineral Creek hide? What happened to Anna Mattox? It was up to Ella and her newfound friends to find the truth and set free the ghosts of the past. Join Ella as she stumbles down memory lane in a quiet country town to discover things that will shake up the entire Mineral Creek community.

Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

I See A… Farm Animals

I See A… Farm Animals is Book One in a new series for young kids just beginning to read. These books focus on the three sight words I, See, A. This book was written to help my oldest son Sam learn to read.

This book is now available on Amazon.

I See A… Fire Station

Book Two in the “I See A…” sight words book series. Another great way for your young one to learn how to read, and learn everything about a fire station.

Now available on Amazon.

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