Green Briar Genealogical Services

Welcome and thank you for the interest in Green Briar Genealogical Services.

All services require a Retainer Fee (2 hour minimum, payable in advance), other charges will be included in the hourly fee ($20) and will be due upon completion (negative findings and unsuccessful searches are charged).

Case Study

Do you have a couple of ancestors that share the same name and need to find documented proof of each individual, or a person in one state and years later you find the same name in a different state across the U.S. and need to prove they are one and the same? Then my Case Study is the service for you.

Native American Roll # Look-Up

One of my most popular services. I will locate your ancestor that was living in the era of the Dawes Commission and research if they were on the roll, disallowed, or didn’t meet criteria.

Kinship Determination

This is a 3-generation Narrative Lineage Report. It consists of documented proof of three direct ancestors, copies of records and photographs compiled in a clean, easy to read report.

6-Gen Research Report

Just like the Kinship Determination with twice the number of ancestors and information.

Please contact me with inquiries about services using our contact form to the left, or email me directly at Please use the words Genealogy Inquiry in the Subject Line to make sure that your email is received.

Thank you again for stopping by and looking over Green Briar Genealogical Services. I look forward to working with you in the near future.



Marsha helped me locate my great grandparents. Not only did she give me great information, but also found their marriage license and photo that I now have framed and hanging in my living room. Great work.

Sharon D.

I have been looking for information on my grandfather for ages but with little to know luck. I knew he had gotten in trouble with the law but couldn’t find proof. Within one day Marsha had found numerous newspaper articles concerning the incident but also found out where he paid back his debt to society. Wonderful work!

Bonnie J.

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