Cherokee Bill – An Outlaw’s Story

It has been a while since I last posted anything, and people have began to ask what’s going on. Well, here is my pet project right now. I am working on a book about outlaws in the twin territories and I just finished my chapter on Crawford “Cherokee Bill” Goldsby. I find his story veryContinue reading “Cherokee Bill – An Outlaw’s Story”

Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Seven

“Dorcus is married to the son of the man that killed Elsie?” “Yes, they married last year but you mustn’t say that Doctor Henderson killed Elsie. After all, he was cleared by the courts.” “I’m convinced that was a cover up. He knew something that people didn’t want to get out so they arranged forContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Seven”

Farming, Baking, Historical Research – The Many Facets of Me

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I have all my irons in the fire, so to speak. There are a lot of different things that interest me. People tell me to pick one and stick to that, but that is something I just can’t do. I like to spend timeContinue reading “Farming, Baking, Historical Research – The Many Facets of Me”

Green Briar Farms is Growing

No, not in that way! Green Briar Farms was created a couple of years ago when we decided we had all this land at our disposal and nothing was being done with it. Since then we have slowly been improving the area and adding animals. We are not a large farm but we slowly continueContinue reading “Green Briar Farms is Growing”

Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Six

Dear Diary, I visited with Elsie today but I learned absolutely nothing. All she wanted to talk about was the latest fashions that the ladies in Tulsa were wearing. She never used to care about things like that. She has changed so much in the last few months. It’s like I don’t even know thisContinue reading “Mystery Monday – Mineral Creek Chapter Six”

Meet the Workers of Green Briar Farms

I have told you a couple of stories about our attempts at raising a garden and the purchase of our little herd of cattle. Before I post anymore stories I thought you should meet the farmhands that I mention in my posts. SAM – Ever since he was born he has loved animals. He doesn’tContinue reading “Meet the Workers of Green Briar Farms”