Diary of a Home Baker

Monday – Today I went to work. When I got off I went straight home and gathered my two oldest boys for their daily homeschool lessons. As they sit at the kitchen table learning to read and write I am over by the stove making my banana nut bread and pumpkin bread for Saturday’s FarmersContinue reading “Diary of a Home Baker”

Easy 5 Ingredient Meatloaf

Jump to Recipe Meatloaf. You either love it or hate it. Ever since I was a kid I hated it. I dreaded coming home from school and finding meatloaf on our table. They would tell me my tastes would mature with age and I would grow to like it. In a sense they were right,Continue reading “Easy 5 Ingredient Meatloaf”

Wordless Wednesday – Introducing Pumpkin

We were so happy the other day when we woke up to this little beauty. She was an unexpected surprise that was born on Halloween night. Pumpkin is our first calf born of our very own bull. It’s always nice to know the animal you put so much money and faith into proves to beContinue reading “Wordless Wednesday – Introducing Pumpkin”

The New Oklahoma Food Freedom Act of 2021

As far as cottage food laws go by state, it is widely known that Oklahoma ranked as one of the worst states. The restrictions were numerous and it made making profit difficult with all the rules and regulations. The new Food Freedom Act of 2021 that was unanimously approved has changed all that, making Oklahoma’sContinue reading “The New Oklahoma Food Freedom Act of 2021”

Sinfully Scrumptious Mashed Potatoes

Jump to Recipe Our family is really big meat and potatoes. We have to have one form or another with every dinner. You might think that it would get boring after a while having the same things night after night. Wait, who said we had the same thing? A couple of nights ago we haveContinue reading “Sinfully Scrumptious Mashed Potatoes”