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A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to purchase some goats. We were looking for a small hobby to supplement our income. Unfortunately, neither of us knew anything about goats and after about a year all of our goats were gone and we were back where we started. Then I had a brilliant idea. We need cows! It made perfect sense to me, as I grew up around cows and was much more comfortable taking care of them than the goats.

Two of our ladies

Our herd isn’t a large one. We started out with only five heifers, but we now have eight heifers, a bull, and four calves. Thirteen cows isn’t a large herd and we’re hoping to expand in the future. Right now though, our time is taken up with fixing fences all along our property. About two years ago, we had a tornado come through here. We were lucky and only had minor damage and fences down. A lot of our trees were uprooted, and cutting them up is still a work in progress. Unfortunately, our neighbors were not so lucky.

They left their home when the threat of a tornado was predicted. They lived in a trailer house, and knew they had to take shelter elsewhere. I can’t tell you how glad I am they did. Right after the tornado hit my friend called me to check on her house. We rode out through the field towards their home and saw it completely demolished. I will never forget that night, and I am so glad I talked to her on the phone before we went there because I don’t know what I would have done if I thought that family was in that rubble, but I digress.

We were talking about the many fences we needed to fix to make sure our cows stayed where they were supposed to. I don’t know how many months we worked to get all the fences in reasonable repair, but I do know I don’t care to look at another fence stretcher for a long time.

Cam fixing the fence as the sun was setting. I was supposed to be helping but I snuck a picture in without him knowing.

We still have a couple of sections to go, but what we have done will work for now. I much prefer fixing fence in the fall when it’s cool outside and there are less threats of snakes. I hate snakes! As I was saying though, the fence fixing got finished as the sun was setting so I will leave you with this beautiful pictures as we pack up and head home.


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For 13 years I was a single mother until I married my handsome husband. Fast forward five years and we have added 3 sons and a daughter to our household. With all those kids I rarely have time to myself but my love of writing will always find a way. I have written books in the past. My range of genres is from romance novels to nonfiction historical, poetry, and children's books. I am currently working on a mystery book that should be a very exciting read I hope! I also love genealogy and have created my own forms which I will post later for people to download to use. I hope you enjoy my writings and recipes that I plan on sharing with you here.

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