Thursday’s Treasures – Great Granny’s Canning Funnel

Welcome to Thursday’s Treasure! This day is dedicated to those treasures and family keepsakes that hold great memories to cherish. Today’s treasure is my great Granny Opal’s canning funnels. My great granny passed away while I was in high school, and though she went to live in a nursing home when I was in the second grade I remember her well. Many were the times that I got off the bus and ran straight to her house because she always had something good cooking.

Opal Sahrilda Vanderpool Moore and her oldest son, Billy.

Last week I was going through my closet and found an old box of jars and my great granny’s canning funnels. These brought back so many memories. Not only did she can so many delicious things with these, but my grandmother also used them before they were handed down to me.

Great Granny’s funnels

Now it is my turn to use these family heirlooms. I decided to do things like my granny and great granny did. Every evening after work I went out and found blackberry patches and started collecting the ripe ones, freezing them until I had enough to make my jelly. I remember as a kid going out with them, searching all the dirt roads for blackberry bushes growing alongside, and picking them. I have to say a lot of them missed the bag and landed in my belly, lol.

I would sit in my little chair in the kitchen and watch them as they carefully processed the berries before putting them in the hot jars and sealing them tightly. They always left a little out for me to eat on a fresh homemade biscuit. Those jams, jellies, and other canned goods were stored away so that we could have fresh homemade food all year around.

Now I am teaching my kids the process. It does my heart good to have my kids sit at the table and watch this old fashioned, but tasty treat being made, and like my granny and great granny, I left some out for my kids to eat with the homemade biscuits that I made.

Fresh Blackberry Jelly.

I have enjoyed reminiscing with everyone today and I hope you have enjoyed as well. Family memories and heirlooms are something that should be honored and shared, because if we don’t share our memories they will be lost to future generations. Please leave a comment or question below. I love hearing from everyone.


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