Taking a Hobby to the Next Level

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by history. I was lucky growing up. I had my grandparents living right next door and one set of great grandparents across the road. My other great grandfather was only a fifteen-minute drive away however, I don’t remember too much about him. I have a picture with my great-grandmother holding me as a baby. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was still too young to know her.

My grandma has numerous photo albums, and I remember when I was young, I would go into the spare bedroom and drag them out and look at all the old photos. My love of history came from the stories of those pages. I had to know about everyone in there. What was their life like? Whatever happened to Uncle Clarence? What caused them to move from one state to another? These were questions that burned inside of me.
I began searching for my ancestral roots by the time I was eighteen. The hobby soon turned into an addiction. It has been twenty years since I started searching for our family history and, the passion has yet to dim.
Over the years, I have continued researching our family tree. I have also researched family trees for friends and co-workers. Now I think it is time to step up my game. I am no longer satisfied with my hobby.
Today I embark on the journey to become a certified genealogist. After receiving my packet from the BCG (Board of Certified Genealogists) I thought, oh this will be easy, but reading further into the packet I became worried. There are six steps that have to be completed and they give you a year to do it. I thought it was going to be easy until I read more. Each step has five steps to it, now I’m getting worried.

I have five kids, a full-time job, not to mention a part-time cookie business. How in the world can I take the time to complete this? The anxiety is high right now but I know I can do it. My wonderful husband supports me and watches the kids in the evening while I work on it. It will get done.
Thank you everyone for letting me get my worry out there in the open. This has been my Dear Diary entry. This was completely about me and my insecurities instead of posting recipes or how-to articles. This was my selfish post. I promise not to have too many of these. Next time it will be back to business.


Published by Green Briar Girl

For 13 years I was a single mother until I married my handsome husband. Fast forward five years and we have added 3 sons and a daughter to our household. With all those kids I rarely have time to myself but my love of writing will always find a way. I have written books in the past. My range of genres is from romance novels to nonfiction historical, poetry, and children's books. I am currently working on a mystery book that should be a very exciting read I hope! I also love genealogy and have created my own forms which I will post later for people to download to use. I hope you enjoy my writings and recipes that I plan on sharing with you here.

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