Taking Stress Out of Thanksgiving Prep

     If you are anything like me, preparing a large Thanksgiving dinner for your entire family can be a very daunting task. Making sure you have something gluten free for your daughter  and something vegan for your aunt can be overwhelming, and we won’t even mention the eyes of your mother-in-law using her bionic eyesight to find fault in any little thing. Ugh…I shudder just thinking about it.


    This year I have decided that I would not stress over my holiday dinner. We will see how that goes closer to time, lol, but right now I feel pretty well in control. The most important thing on Thanksgiving Day is coming together as family and friends to give thanks for all the blessings throughout the year. That is always first and foremost in my mind, but coming a close second would be the Thanksgiving Day spread.

    So it’s Thanksgiving is a mere week away and everything you want to cook is running through your mind, and if you are like me you worry that you are going to make green bean casserole and come dinner day you end up with four green bean casseroles and no mashed potatoes. Oh the travesty. Now as you may know, I love my lists. So I have created a Thanksgiving Day Menu checklist to make sure all the major food groups are covered. 

    This list will help you organize what will be served at your dinner with no overabundance of green bean casserole. All you have to do is call everyone that is coming and see what they are bringing and add it to your list. This way you can see what still might be needed to make your dinner complete. Below I have posted a picture of my checklist for you to use.

    To use this form simply right click on the image and select save as to save on your computer. If you like this form please share this post on Social Media. 
    Now that we have the menu taken care of the next important step to do to prepare for Thanksgiving is getting the house ready. My house is home to teenagers, toddlers and babies. So when I talk about getting the house ready I mean to do a thorough deep clean the weekend before and then last minute touch up to areas where the kids have destroyed what I have already cleaned either the night before, after they have gone to bed or early Thanksgiving morning while they’re still asleep.

    Below is my checklist that I use to make sure my house looks at its best before my guests arrive. I have added extra lines so that you can add any of the chores needed to suit your household. 

    I hope these two lists will help make your Thanksgiving a little bit more stress free. Don’t forget to comment below. I love hearing from people and have a Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


Published by Green Briar Girl

For 13 years I was a single mother until I married my handsome husband. Fast forward five years and we have added 3 sons and a daughter to our household. With all those kids I rarely have time to myself but my love of writing will always find a way. I have written books in the past. My range of genres is from romance novels to nonfiction historical, poetry, and children's books. I am currently working on a mystery book that should be a very exciting read I hope! I also love genealogy and have created my own forms which I will post later for people to download to use. I hope you enjoy my writings and recipes that I plan on sharing with you here.

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