Preschool Homeschooling 101: Letter Aa

     Homeschooling is new to me and I have found some bumps in the road to getting my five year old to sit down at the computer and work. Sam is a more physical, outdoorsy kind of kid. So when I found myself struggling to maintain patience with his lack of I decided it was time to think outside the box. 

    We’ve been told time and again that kids so have a limited time in front of a screen whether it is a tv, computer or video game and now all of a sudden we are supposed to encourage them to sit in front of a computer for hours on end and expect them to learn something. Sam has been having trouble with virtual learning because he doesn’t seem to be a visual learner. He’s more of a hands on type. Realizing that I began thinking of positive ways to learn his alphabet without sitting at the computer all day long. Don’t get me wrong he still does his required lessons, but now it doesn’t take him as long because he is learning away from the computer.

    One week one we decided to have a party to celebrate the letter A. The party was to be done on Friday after a full week of learning about A. The first day I introduced him to the letter and gave him coloring pages with items starting with A. Below is a coloring page my 18 year old daughter drew for Sam for his A week. To save it, right click on the image and select save as to save it to your computer.

    After printing the picture out for Sam and having him color it I told him that this animal was an Alpaca and Alpaca starts with the letter A. Then I gave him some facts about Alpacas that I had researched before giving him the page. This way he not only learned the letter A, he also learned of an animal beginning with that letter and a little something about that animal. 

    On Tuesday we decided to talk more about animals beginning with the letter A, listing them and ding some research to learn more about these animals. Here are the ten animals that we came up with:

    1. Aardvark
    2. Albatross
    3. Alligator
    4. Anaconda
    5. Ant
    6. Anteater
    7. Armadillo
    8. Ape
    9. Antelope
    10. Angelfish

    Encourage your kids to thinks of A animals and see what different ones they can come up with besides what we have down. Getting those thinking juices flowing grows the mind and learning in a fun and creative way will make them want to continue to learn.

    On Wednesday we decided to come up with a list of snack that begin with the letter A. These snacks will be our party food for the end of the week. Below is a list of 15 snacks that begin with the letter A:

  1. Apple
  2. Apricot
  3. Avocado
  4. Applesauce
  5. Almonds
  6. Artichokes
  7. Asparagus
  8. Animal Crackers
  9. Apple Pie
  10. Apple Cobbler
  11. Apple Dumplings
  12. Ants on a Log
  13. A&W Root Beer
  14. Apple juice
  15. Arugula

    These are just a few snack ideas beginning with A. Its fun to come up with your own list. It’s ok if the kids don’t know what something is because it will be a learning experience for them, but we’ll get more into that on Friday.

    By Thursday your kids should have a pretty good understanding of the letter A. Now its time to dig into some paperwork. Yeah, I know it’s not as fun, but it’s something that has to be done. Right click the image below to save to your desktop and print.

    Now comes Funday Friday. It’s party time yay! So you’ve gathered up all your A letter foods so now it’s time to eat. This is a perfect way to get kids to try something new to eat, and who knows, they might find something that they like.

    I hope this post helps you and your kids take some of the tediousness out of learning letter A. Look for my next post. Preschool Homeschooling 101: Letter Bb to come in the following days.


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